Pet Adoptions at PetSmart in Texarkana on Saturday
Large, medium and small breed dogs will be available for adoption on Saturday, Sept. 26, at PetSmart in Texarkana. Local dog rescues will bring their adoptable dogs to this adoption event sponsored by the Texarkana Animal League.
Bring Your Shoes to PetSmart and Help the Shelter Animals
Bag up your unworn shoes and bring them to PetSmart this weekend to help the shelter animals. Clean out those closets and look under your bed for shoes to donate to a great cause. Those old, still wearable shoes you will never wear again can help out a furry friend at the Animal Care and Adoption Ce…
Leaving Dogs and Children in Hot Cars Kills
On a day that doesn't seem very hot to you like a 78 degree day, the temperature inside your car can reach 120 degrees within minutes and cracking your windows will not help enough to save your pet or child. What would you do if you saw a dog inside of a car that was not running, the windows we…
Provide a Pet a Pad for Cherry [PHOTOS/VIDEO]
Very friendly! Loves to play! Cherry looks to be Bull Terrier mix, you know, like the Target dog. Cherry has some independence which is great because she can entertain herself with dog toys for hours but when you call her, she will quickly trot to your side.
Adopt a Pet at PetSmart Saturday
A variety of dogs and cats will be available for adoption on Saturday, Sept. 19, at PetSmart in Texarkana. Dog rescue groups will be set up throughout the store so be sure to look from the front to the back.
Donate Old Shoes to Help the Animal Shelter
Clean out those closets and look under your bed for shoes to donate to a great cause. Those old shoes you never wear anymore can help out a furry friend at our Animal Care and Adoption Center. The more shoes collected, the more money raised for the shelter.
Provide a Pet a Pad for Brindle Ruby
Ruby is a beautiful brindle pup that looks to be mixed with some sort of smaller breed, possible terrier. When she first came into the shelter she was very skinny and shy. Now she is playful and loves to give hugs and kisses. She doesn't always come up to the front of the kennel and in dim ligh…
Shelter Director Cracks Down on Animal Dumpers [VIDEO]
Animal Care and Adoption Center Director Charles Lokey is tired of finding animals dumped at the shelter after hours. He told me he has found kittens and puppies left in boxes at the door of the shelter in the heat of the summer that are nearly dead and he is sick of it. So new signs are posted and …
Provide a Pet a Pad for a Boy Named Sugar
Sugar is a beautiful male Akita that is at our local animal shelter. He has a strong personality and may not be suitable for a home with small children. Sugar got along great with all of the small dogs that were in the exercise area. He carries himself in a way that lets you know he is the boss.
Provide a Pet a Pad — Our Pet of the Week is Zeus
Zeus is a nine month old Shepherd mix that is already neutered, house trained, great on a leash, great with kids, loves other dogs and gets along with cats too! He is gorgeous with light brown, long hair and a black outline around his sweet eyes.

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