Tips to Unlock Your Car if the Keys are Inside the Vehicle
We've all done it, or at least most of us. I have probably locked my keys in my car a dozen times or more. I used to be so bad about it that I made a spare key and gave it to the police officer that always came to my rescue back in the day when they could help you open your door even if there wasn't…
1.73 Carat Diamond Found at Crater of Diamonds State Park
After nearly a year of searching the field at Arkansas’s Crater of Diamonds State Park as a team, two regular visitors discovered this year's third-largest diamond found at the park. Jack Pearadin, of Murfreesboro, Arkansas, and Doug Nelsen, of Winneconne, Wisconsin, found …
Black Friday Blood Drive in Texarkana
LifeShare Blood Center is having a blood drive on Black Friday, November 25, from 8AM to 4PM which includes raffles, giveaways, and an all you can eat breakfast that will be served in the center during the blood drive.
Tips for Adjusting to the Time Change
Falling back to Standard Time is touted as getting an extra hour of sleep and that's great but what happens after that first day? Our bodies have to adjust to everything happening an hour later so here are some tips to help you through the adjustment period.
What is a Good Excuse to be Two Hours Late to Work?
I need your help. My favorite show has a season premiere on Sunday night and then afterward there is a big thing where we find out even more stuff about the show so I know I am going to be super tired on Monday morning and I'd like to have a good excuse lined up so I can be late. Can you h…
Be Part of the Largest Photo in Two States October 25
The Texarkana Arts & Historic District will host a celebration on Tuesday, October 25, in downtown Texarkana to recognize the accomplishment of being named a Texas Cultural District. The celebration will be held at 10AM at the post office in downtown Texarkana.
Donate Blood for Breast Cancer Patients in Texarkana
Did you know that one of the biggest uses of donated blood is for cancer patients? When a cancer patient goes for treatment, if their blood counts are too low they are not able to continue with treatment until their counts are brought up which means they need a transfusion of blood.

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