National Go Red for Women Day is February 3
Circle the day on your calendar and tell your friends that Friday, Feb. 3 is "National Go Red for Women Day." Celebrate Go Red for Women Day by wearing red and joining providers at the Wadley Senior Clinic as they inspire women to be informed and take charge of their heart health f…
Full Service Gas Stations in Texarkana
Are there any full service gas stations left in Texarkana? According to an online search, supposedly there are several on both sides of State Line Avenue so I took to the streets just to see what was out there.
I Think I Had the Flu and Now I Need Your Help to Feel Better
I’m exhausted. All I want to do is sleep. So many other people in Texarkana have had sinus issues just like mine so I thought it was just a sinus infection but now that I’m replaying the last few weeks in my head I remember days of feeling dizzy and one day of a fever…
Worst Parking Attempts by People in Texarkana
Can you believe some of the parking jobs people do and then just walk off like it isn't their vehicle? I saw one lady park so close to a car that the other driver couldn't get in if he was a tiny, 5 year old child. Such selfishness. Why do people do that? Check out these terrible parking a…

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