Not All Processed Foods are Bad for You
Good news! Not all processed foods are bad for you to eat. I had pretzels for an appetizer last night and while they aren't listed on the good or the bad list below, I know they are not the worst but also not the best choice to munch on. Here are the foods to keep and the ones to avoid.
Things You Should Clean But Don’t
You touch it. Other people touch it. But do you ever clean it? Chances are the answer to most of the items on this list is 'no' or 'not so much.' This list includes all of the items and secrets for cleaning them simply.
Are Naps Really Healthy?
This morning we were talking about naps. I needed one yeterday and it turned out to be an almost 4 hour nap. Anyone that works the crazy hours we work, needs a nap on a daily basis. But are naps really good for you? Here are a few nap facts to help you feel better about those naps you take.
Scott Joplin Downtown Mural Set For Facelift
The Texarkana Arts and Historic District committee has commissioned local artist Arthur Pletcher to update the Scott Joplin mural in downtown Texarkana located on the Norton & Wood Law Firm building facing the Perot Theatre and 3rd Street on the Texas side.
Tips to Unlock Your Car if the Keys are Inside the Vehicle
We've all done it, or at least most of us. I have probably locked my keys in my car a dozen times or more. I used to be so bad about it that I made a spare key and gave it to the police officer that always came to my rescue back in the day when they could help you open your door even if there wasn't…
Best Cheap Restaurants in Texarkana
Texarkana is a good place to eat great food at cheap prices. There are a ton of restaurant choices and some super deals waiting for hungry folks. From sandwiches to Chinese food, the following list is compiled with input from a coworker and my personal experiences for the cheapest deals around to ma…
The U.S. Twin Birth Rate is at a Record High
The U.S. twin birth rate is at a record high, according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control. Out of every 1,000 deliveries, nearly 34, are twin births. That was up by 2 percent from 2012 and new national high as reported.

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