Tips to Unlock Your Car if the Keys are Inside the Vehicle
We've all done it, or at least most of us. I have probably locked my keys in my car a dozen times or more. I used to be so bad about it that I made a spare key and gave it to the police officer that always came to my rescue back in the day when they could help you open your door even if there wasn't…
Best Cheap Restaurants in Texarkana
Texarkana is a good place to eat great food at cheap prices. There are a ton of restaurant choices and some super deals waiting for hungry folks. From sandwiches to Chinese food, the following list is compiled with input from a coworker and my personal experiences for the cheapest deals around to ma…
The U.S. Twin Birth Rate is at a Record High
The U.S. twin birth rate is at a record high, according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control. Out of every 1,000 deliveries, nearly 34, are twin births. That was up by 2 percent from 2012 and new national high as reported.
Service Dogs – What Everyone Needs to Know
Service dogs are a hot topic. More and more people are finding there are great benefits in using a service dog. Because of this, we are seeing more and more service dogs in public places which brings up a lot of questions of how to deal with dogs in public places and how to spot the fakers.
Ten Most Sleep-Deprived Jobs
While some people working in many different areas of the workforce may temporarily have trouble getting out of bed each morning, others deal with sleep deprivation all year long. Being a part of the Morning Show over the past 15 years has definitely deprived me of a lot of sleep so I think DJs need …
How to Survive Staying Up All Night and Working the Next Day
At some point in the next few months you may have a need to pull an all-nighter. Maybe you are cramming for tests or taking on a few classes this Summer. Or possibly you have a big work project that you have to get done. Then there are just those folks who want to play hard and work hard. I have the…
How to be Treated Like a VIP When You Fly
Flying used to be a pretty fun thing to do before 9/11. It can still be fairly fun if you are prepared and if you can get a little special treatment. Here are some things you can do to help enhance the experience of traveling by air.

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