Your What-to-Wear Weather Forecast
Need to know what to wear today? What should the kids wear as they head to the bus stop? Here is your "what to wear" forecast for today, Wednesday, February 3.
Top 5 Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day in the Texarkana Area
Valentine's Day is February 14 and many people will say it's a day that has become too commercialized and we've forgotten the true message of what this day represents. Whether you agree with me or not, Valentine's Day is a day set aside once a year to show your significant other how much you love an…
Today’s What to Wear Weather Forecast
What to wear is a big issue every day. Will it be cold? Will it be windy? Will it rain? So many factors come into play in the decision of what is the best outfit to wear that day. Here is your 'what to wear' forecast for the day.
What Would You Be Willing to do to Get a Bunch of Money?
What would you do to strike it rich? So far you haven’t managed to win the big jackpot even though you faithfully buy your tickets for every lottery drawing. So what would you be willing to do if you were offered a billion, a million or even ten thousand dollars?
Plan Your Wedding at the 2016 Texarkana Bridal Fair Jan. 30
Here comes the Bride! And here comes the 2016 Texarkana Bridal Fair Saturday, January 30, from 10AM until 3PM at the Texarkana, Texas Convention Center at 4610 Cowhorn Creek Loop. If this is going to be your special year, you'll find everything you need under one roof to help plan that perfect …
‘Dry January’ Has Arrived
Here's a New Year's resolution you only have to stick to for a month. January has been designated as "Sober January" or "Dry January."  It means you don't drink any alcohol all month long.

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