Mash Bash Blood Drive This Week in Texarkana
Each summer LifeShare Blood Centers hosts the Mash Bash blood drive in hopes of getting enough blood donated to help get through the slow summer months. This two-day event is Wednesday, July 13, and Thursday, July 14. All donors will get a Mash Bash T-shirt and lunch or dinner.
Dierks Kayak Festival at Horseshoe Bend
Dierks Kayak Festival at Horseshoe Bend Campground just below Dierks Lake beginning on Friday and going all weekend, June 17 to 19. Kayaking, fishing tournament and many other fun events are planned for this three day event.
10 Poorest Towns in Arkansas
Arkansas has the number one poorest town in the nation. We also have some rich towns but none that made the top 10 in the nation. Find out if your town is in the top 10 poorest in Arkansas.
Modern Handgun Cleaning – Much Easier Than You Might Think
It's something a lot of us kind of take for granted after you've been shooting guns for along time, cleaning that pistol. Some of us do it too often, some not often enough. Since a lot of us will spend time this holiday weekend at the range sending bullets downrange, let's make sure we're safe and o…
Best Milkshakes in Texarkana
What’s in a milkshake? Who cares as long as it is good. My favorite flavor for a milkshake is always chocolate but during the summer months it is fun to get fruity flavors like peach.
Most Embarrassing Moments and How to Avoid Them
We have all had those moments in life when we have said or done something that we wished we could immediately take back. I recently had one of those embarrassing moments but I was on the other end of the situation so I couldn't take it back because I was the person being asked the question. I w…
Most Popular Baby Names in Arkansas
The Social Security Administration just announced the most popular baby names in Arkansas for last year. No big changes or surprises. Pop culture has a big impact on baby names and it looks like parents are still in love with the same movies and celebrities from last year.
Strangest, Most Unique Yard Decorations in Texarkana
Have you ever seen such an unusual decoration in a yard or in this case, on a house? I'm sure it has a meaning but I didn't stop to find out. What do you think it stands for? Do you know of any other interesting yard decorations in Texarkana?
Foods Only Folks in the South Understand
We southerners eat foods that people from the north, west and east just wouldn't understand. When I moved to Arkansas from the West Coast, it took a little time to adjust to the cuisine. Now I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Grits, fried chicken gizzards, chicken fried steak, fried catfish, boi…

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