Lucy the Dog Finds Creative Way to Climb Stairs Wearing Cone [VIDEO]
Lucy, the dog, found a way to get around while wearing one of those e-collars that prevents a dog from licking. This is a hilarious video. Lucy really had to do some thinking to figure this out. Check out the photos I have taken of my rescued dogs that were wearing e-collars. Even my husband wore …
Sparks in the Park set for July 2, Fireworks, Food & Family Fun
Its time for fireworks, live music and family fun at the Four States Fairgrounds. Sparks in the Park will be on Saturday, July 2, starting at 4PM. 
There will be many fun activities and games for the kiddos and tons of entertainment for the adults.
Fireworks start at 9:30PM. Admission is fre…
Provide a Pet a Pad Tuesday, Shelter Dog Needs Home
Meet our in-studio guest today: Mercedes is a chihuahua mix. She is approximately one year old. A super sweet little girl that is scared to death. Almost as much as Brandie Bristow, our volunteer for the morning!
Our local animal shelter currently has 80 dogs, 13 puppies, 37 cats and 23 kittens for a…
All-Inclusive Vacations Are the Way to Go
Don't miss out on your chance to win one of these fabulous trips! I have been on three all-inclusive vacations and they are the best. No worries about taking money everywhere you go on the resort because its all included. Listen to Power 95.9 for the Que-to-call Monday through Friday for your c…
Life-Size Barbie Has a Shocking Look [VIDEO]
As a 16-year-old, Galia Slayen made a life-size Barbie out of wood, chicken wire, paper-mache and -- of course -- two big balloons as way to deal with her anorexia.
Now, four years later, Slayen is a sophomore at Hamilton College and is using the massive (but freakishly slim) doll she built to start…
ABC Cancels ‘All My Children,’ ‘One Life to Live’
It's the end of an era: ABC announced that it is canceling its long-running soap operas 'All My Children' and 'One Life to Live.'
According to the LA Times, 'All My Children' will end in Sept. 2011, while 'One Life to Live' will officially die in Jan...
How to Tell if Your Marriage is Going Under
If you have ever thought of getting a divorce this story is for you. Divorces are usually ugly and very painful ordeals that should be avoided if at all possible. Here are some warning signs to watch for to tell if you are headed to disaster.
To Get Skinny, Just Love Yourself
Its not about what you look like, it is how you believe others see you so just love yourself and you have already lost some weight! According to a new study, it isn't about pounds or appearance, its all in your mind.
Win a Chance to Co-write a Song with Taio Cruz ENDED
Here's your chance to be famous! Taio Cruz has started working on a new brand new song that he will perform on the American Idol season finale, May 25. He is looking for someone to co-write the song. It could be anyone. It could be you!
Guys You Think You Should Date But Shouldn’t
Ladies, the guys you are attracted to instinctively may not be the ones that are best for you to date. Why do we go for the bad boys? Cosmo is here to help! Check out the list below and make sure you steer clear of these dudes when you are out and about.
New Words Included in Dictionary: LOL, OMG and More
Popular buzz acronyms LOL and OMG just made it to the Oxford English Dictionary! OMG means "oh my God" ( I prefer Oh My Gosh), and LOL means "laugh out loud." These popular expression-acronyms were selected for publication in the Oxford English Dictionary Online Edition along wit…

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