Rawhide Dog Chews Recalled
It is always scary to hear that treats you may have purchased for your dog could harm him. The recall goes beyond the basic rawhide chew pictured above. There are many variations of rawhide chews included in these recalls.
5 Highest Rated Texarkana Schools
With all of the school choices for people in the Texarkana area to choose from, I found an interesting website that ranks schools wherever you live that might make picking a school a little easier for some parents.
Missing Children in Arkansas — Please Be On The Look Out
Many children go missing and are found shortly after and not very far from home but sometimes they go missing and are never seen again. The unthinkable has happened to many families in Arkansas who are still searching and hoping for the return of their loved ones.
10 Poorest Towns in Arkansas
Arkansas has the number one poorest town in the nation. We also have some rich towns but none that made the top 10 in the nation. Find out if your town is in the top 10 poorest in Arkansas.

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