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President Barack Obama Finally Releases Birth Certificate
After years of speculation, President Barack Obama silenced critics today by releasing the long form version of his birth certificate from the state of Hawaii.
The birth certificate was posted on the White House's official website, with a statement from White House communications director Dan Pf…
AFLAC Duck Finally Has a New Voice [VIDEO]
A 36-year-old radio station sales manager from Hugo, Minnesota will be the new voice for the Aflac duck, replacing comedian Gilbert Gottfried, who was fired after his tasteless jokes about the Japan earthquake and tsunami.
Life-Size Barbie Has a Shocking Look [VIDEO]
As a 16-year-old, Galia Slayen made a life-size Barbie out of wood, chicken wire, paper-mache and -- of course -- two big balloons as way to deal with her anorexia.
Now, four years later, Slayen is a sophomore at Hamilton College and is using the massive (but freakishly slim) doll she built to start…
TSA Frisks a 6-Year Old Little Girl [VIDEO]
Unbelievable right? The Transportation Security Administration's pat down of a 6-year old girl was caught on video by her dad. While the TSA official was professional in her inspection of the little girl, it was over-the-top to subject her to such a process.
Do You Know About The December Tax Deal?
At the end of last year, the President signed a law that kept middle-class tax cuts from expiring - preventing the typical working family from facing a tax increase - and extended unemployment insurance to ensure at least 7 million Americans don't lose their benefits as they search for jobs.

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