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The World’s Largest Swimming Pool[VIDEO]
You may think those Olympic sized swimming pools on TV during the summer games are impressive.  But, even the Olympic pool pales in stature to the mother of all swimming pools found at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile.
CBS Moves ‘Two and a Half Men’ to Thursdays
Being Upfront week, CBS is hard at work announcing and promoting its new series, as well as plotting out ways to incorporate them into the current schedule.  Today a big move for the network’s flagship comedy ‘Two and a Half Men‘ is in the works, but what does it mea…
‘Dancing with the Stars’ Review: Semifinal Night
Last week saw two couples eliminated from the ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ competition, leaving us with what may be the best semifinal group yet. And on Monday night, they all danced their perfectly-toned backsides off — so who’s got the best shot at moving on to next w…
Dancing With The Stars Week 8 Results Review
There’s usually a thick blanket of anxiety that sweeps over contestants and audience members alike when the results portion of the show comes about. Nobody likes seeing their favorites go home, but in this particular results episode of ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ …

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