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‘Tailly’ — A Tail for Humans [VIDEO]
You've seen how a dog wags his tail when he's happy. Now you can too. 'Tailly' is a tail for humans. Its attached to a belt that is worn around your waist and can sense your mood through your heart rate and moves accordingly.
The Worlds Oldest Twinkie
As Hostess Brands Inc, and the lovely deserts they make go off into the sunset, the last batches of Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and Cupcakes are flying off store shelves. And while some of these junk food aficionados may be tempted to eat up all their booty. Twinkies are seemingly immortal.
What Makes You Happy?
We've seen plenty of studies that say people like social media more than anything else, so this study seems to be more in line with what we really like.

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