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Kids Destroy House With Bag of Flour [VIDEO]
“Oh my gosh,” is all the poor mom in this video can say after emerging from a trip to the bathroom and finding out that her one-year-old and her three-year-old have completely covered the house in a five-pound bag of flour. Maybe they were just trying to help redecorate.
Wes Asks ‘”Do You Know What This Is?”
So I stumbled across this picture I took in my nieghborhood a few weeks ago. I still have no idea what it is or how it got up in the power pole. Any ideas what the heck it is? If you look close it has a power cord hanging from it.
Wes Asks, ‘How Important Are Your Index Fingers?’
townsquaremedia texarkanaYesterday afternoon, I had to go out out transmitter site and check on why our generator did not come on during the storm. During my trip out there I noticed our gate was broken. The 6 foot tall fence fell on my head and I cut my index finger on the razor wire we use to keep…

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