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Dancing With The Stars: Classical Night Results
Anticipation! Explosions! Dancing! Tonight’s episode of ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ on the surface was just a pure results night, figuring out which of the seven couples would be going home, but there were a couple of cool musical distractions along the way.
Dancing With The Stars Review: Classical Night
After dealing with Motown Night, ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ decided to crank up the intensity and challenge the dancers even more with Classical Night. After all, classical music is more difficult to dance to in comparison to anything contemporary.
Rude Baseball Fans Steal Foul Ball From Kid, Make Him Cry
In this video, a pint-sized baseball fan misses a foul ball at a game between the Yankees and the Rangers and sobs hysterically for failing to snag the prize. Even worse, two adult fans next to him proudly display the ball while the youngster bawls his eyes out. Far be it from us to use a word like …

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