Fireworks and Pets — Keep Your Pets Safe This Fourth of July
Fireworks on the Fourth of July can be a lot of fun for us but it is a nightmare for our pets. The noise and excitement of the holiday can stress your pets out. All of the popping noises, light flashes and smells make many pets run away from home because they are trying to get away from all of the c…
How to Observe Memorial Day
While many of us will enjoy the holiday weekend with our families doing some grilling, Memorial Day is a day set aside to to show your respect for those who have given their lives for our country, for our personal freedom.
National Siblings Day in Texarkana
It was Siblings Day all over the world on Sunday, April 10, but many of us are just finding out about it the day after. There is still time to celebrate. Dig through your photos either online or in a box somewhere under your bed. Find some pictures and post them on our Facebook page.

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