It’s Time For Fireworks – Here Are Some Safety Tips
It's getting close to 4th of July and that means people will be firing off fireworks over the next couple of weeks. First of all, please remember it is illegal to shoot fireworks in the city limits. Second, even if you are out of the city limits, fireworks are dangerous. Here are a few safety t…
Happy National Taffy Day
Celebrate National Taffy Day with us! We are about to indulge ourselves in a bag of mixed flavored salt water taffy.
Ways to Observe Memorial Day
Grilling and going camping over the Memorial Day weekend is what most people think about first when the holiday approaches. The day is set aside to to show your respect for those who have given their lives for our country, for our personal freedom. You can enjoy your family traditions and show respe…
Peeps No Longer The Most Popular Easter Candy
Oh no. Say it isn't so.
It appears from a survey that those delicious squishy marshmallow Peeps are no longer the number one Easter confection. Yes, many parents across the country are likely secretly rejoicing that maybe this year sugary chicks and rabbits (Peeps were originally chicks) won&apo…
Today is National Goof Off Day So Here’s My Fun Day
Today is National Goof Off Day. Notice I don't mention what the date is yet? That's because I think we should have more than just one day a year to goof off so if you are reading this days after the fact, pretend that today is the day.

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