WWE in Texarkana ‘Snap a Selfie’ Winners
Monday night while others are watching RAW on TV, these folks below will be watching most of the Smack Down stars live at the Four States Fairgrounds. It's WWE live in Texarkana and here are our winners of our "Snap A Selfie" contest.
Get Ready for the Power 95-9 Street Dance at the Four States Fair
The 15th annual Power 95-9 Street Dance is Friday, September 9, on the first day of the the Four States Fair at the fairgrounds amphitheater. The dance is for everyone to enjoy with prizes for participating kids. Whether you have professional training or just like to dance, we welcome you to the com…
What is Your Favorite Part of the Fair?
What is your favorite part of the fair? I like watching the rodeo every night. The midway is a lot of fun too. Watching the kids with their livestock getting ready for the judging brings back great memories. And, let’s not forget the scrumptious food.

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