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Sabretooth Was Almost in ‘Logan’ for a Scene or Two
Some wondered, when it was announced that a third and final Wolverine movie was happening in 2017, if this meant that we’d see another appearance of his frenemy Sabretooth (brought to life onscreen by Liev Schreiber in 2009). Well, he didn’t end up in Logan, ultimately, but there was a…
How Do People in Texarkana Watch New Movies?
With so many movie streaming services popping up, many of us don't go to the movie theater to see new releases anymore. We wait for it to come out digital release which is normally about three months later. Find out the cheapest way to watch new movies in Texarkana.
‘The Ticket’ Trailer Promises a Miracle Gone Sour
For someone just now having his moment, Dan Stevens has already accumulated a pretty diverse group of fans. Art house audiences already knew and loved his work thanks to a breakout role in Downton Abbey. Meanwhile, the genre crowd already declared his 2014 film The Guest as one of the best John Carp…

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