In reviewing all the worldwide calamities and negative stories that have been published so far in 2013, I have come to realize that there are really quite a number of things to be thankful for. When you consider the natural disasters like typhoons, earthquakes, flash floods, sinkholes and wildfires which have had devastating effects on some of the poorest areas of the world, some of the local issues in Texarkana don’t seem so important.

If I were asked to select the one thing I am most grateful for this year, it would be the same answer today as it was 21 years ago….my wife and my family. Sure I am grateful for my job. Of course I am grateful for my health. I am very grateful for the sense of community we now enjoy. However when all of that fades away, I know my wife and family will always be there. When I’m broke or when my mental and physical health eventually fails me, they will be there to ease the burden. I truly believe a strong sense of family and friends can correct many of the problems our country faces today.

Kurt Breitfeller

About Kurt Breitfeller

Kurt Breitfeller was born and grew up in New York and come from a large family of eight. He started fishing off shore in 1979 and later went to Maine Maritime Academy in Castine, Maine. After earning a degree and graduating in 1987, he began his seagoing career with Maersk Line, Ltd and has been sailing as captain of a 1,000-foot container vessel since 2002. He married his best friend in 1992 and they have three exceptional children... two at the University of Arkansas and one at Pleasant Grove High School.