A woman in Vancouver had her bike stolen from a friends house last Wednesday.She called the police to report it stolen. A friend of hers called her the next morning to tell her she found it on Craigslist.

The woman called the cops again.But they told her they wouldn't be able to look into it until the next day.

She took matters into her own hands: She called the seller and told him she was interested in buying it.

They agreed to meet at a McDonald's parking lot about and when she got there, she confirmed the bike was hers, because it still had the same stickers on it. She then asked if she could take it for a test ride.

At first, the guy didn't want her to. But he eventually agreed, and just asked that she not ride off with it. So she said she wouldn't, then rode off with it.

She posted the story on Reddit. It's not clear if police still plan to investigate.