I like to consider myself to be a hamburger expert and will try a lot of exotic flavors of burger but this new burger from Burger King may push the limits of what I will try.Each year, Halloween becomes a bigger and bigger event in Japan. And more and more companies try to figure out how to make a quick buck off of it. Burger King seems to be the latest, with its new burger.
It's dubbed the "BK Pumpkin", and it features a dual-slit bun that is supposed to resemble a pumpkin. According to Burger King, it's also stuffed with slices of kbocha, which is the traditional, green Japanese squash. I have had this squash and it does have a resemblance to pumpkin in its flavor, but looks nothing like a pumpkin.

For about 1 dollar , you can add five times the number of kabocha slices for a grand total of ten. Burger King is officially calling this burger "Bomb Pumpkin" , and is running a special campaign until November 11.

"Bomb" (bakudan) is sometimes used in Japanese fast food for items that are packed with stuff.

Kabocha is a traditional fall and winter dish in Japan. Even though the burger will be available until December, by using "pumpkin", Burger King is most likely trying to capitalize on the country's obsession with all thing western including  Halloween.