The full clip won’t make its debut until Wednesday at 6 a.m. EST, but Britney Spears fans can catch an early glimpse of her new video for ‘I Wanna Go’ right now, thanks to a just-posted teaser.A number of Britney’s songs and videos have tweaked her image or referenced her public struggles with the limelight, and ‘I Wanna Go’ adds to that tradition by imagining her as a cab-straddling pop warrior who wields her mic against hordes of paparazzi, using it as a whip to knock them down.

But the nods to Britney’s turbulent past don’t end there: the video also includes a quick reference to her brief career as a film star, with a marquee advertising a fake sequel to 2002′s ‘Crossroads’ popping up in the background.

‘I Wanna Go’ will be the third single from Spears’ platinum-certified ‘Femme Fatale’ album, following the number one ‘Hold It Against Me’ and top 10 ‘Till the World Ends.’