Britney Spears Isn't Wasting Any Time since getting engaged to her former agent Jason Trawick, she's eloping on Valentines Day to Hawaii. A source close to Britney says she can't wait, and wants to do it her way,. small & intimate.When she announced her engagement last month, her parents started arranging a Big & high profile wedding at their Louisiana home. Britney told them "No Friggin Way"" She said maybe they could have a large reception later, but this wedding is for her and Jason.. More good news for Britney, Shes a free woman, Shes holding her father to a promise he made when he was appointed to head her conservetorship, which gave him the power to run her life and her business affairs.He said when she turned 30, she could have her life back & she turned 30 in December. The couples plan is to elope, then tell the world afterward: Britney and her 40 year old fiances engagement was December 16th, and the bride to be is happily flashing her 4-carot diamond engagement ring. A friend she grew up with said " She is happy at last".