Over $15,000 worth of stolen property is being returned to the rightful owner.

Due to the assistance of a vigilant resale shop owner, the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office had recovered over $15,000 worth of property. Investigator Will Buttram was notified by the shop owner of possible stolen property that was sold to them.   The shop owner provided Investigator Buttram a possible victim’s name from the property that was sold.

Investigator Buttram researched and locate the victims who checked on their property and found that their house had been emptied while they were gone.  Through a description by the resale shop owner, Investigator Buttram was able to develop a suspect, which ultimately led to another suspect.

Working into the night last night, Investigators Will Buttram, Paula Cochran, and Robby McCarver were able to locate and recover over $15,000 worth of property from the burglary and return it to the victims.  Investigators are currently working on obtaining warrants for the two suspects.