Fergie is expecting her first child with husband Josh Duhamel, but when she was thinking about starting a family it's not surprising that she turned to the Black Eyed Peas member who's the most experienced when it comes to children, Taboo  for advice.

Speaking to E! Online, Taboo said, "Fergie's doing very well, I'm so proud of her," and added, "I was the first Pea to have kids...I have three wonderful children, and when we talked about that...Fergie would say 'Tab, what is it like?'  I always told her when the time is right, it's gonna happen for you.  And God bless her and I can't wait to see baby Ferg."

Asked for the most important piece of advice he could give to Fergie and Josh, Taboo said "that the key to parenting is just being present, being there for your children...knowing to nurture their dreams and their aspirations."