If 2012 was all about Carly Rae Jepsen, "Call Me Maybe," Gotye and "Gangnam Style," what does 2013 hold in store for music fans?  According to Billboard magazine, it's all about Mother Monster and Taylor Swift's British buddy.

Asked what he expects to be a big deal musically in 2013, Billboard executive editor Bill Werde [wordy] tells ABC News Radio, "One of the big things I have my eye on, obviously, is Lady Gaga.  She's gonna put out another album and I'm...really, really eagerly anticipating what she's gonna do."

He adds, "This is an artist who has a great potential to really reinvent herself, to do incredibly creative things and I really, really wanna see what's gonna happen there."

As far as up-and-coming artists are concerned, Werde is all about Ed Sheeran, the British singer/songwriter who wrote One Direction's hit "Little Things, and who duets with Taylor Swift on her album Red and will open for her on tour this year.

"He sort of first came to fame as a singer/songwriter 'cause he was kind of buddies with One Direction.  So, out of the U.K. he had this red-hot fan base of screaming teen girls," Werde explains.  "[But] I went to see him in New York at a pretty small venue and this kid can just flat out play."

Adds Werde, recalling that gig, "He's got amazing songs and everyone was singing every song.  Not just his hit 'The A Team,' but every song.  And I think Ed Sheeran can do really, really great things in the year ahead."

The Recording Academy evidently agrees, since they've handed Ed a Grammy Song of the Year nomination for "The A Team."