For all the headlines that Miley Cyrus grabbed in 2013, shockingly, she was not the most searched-for person of the year, at least according to the search engine Bing. That honor instead goes to Beyonce.

According to the search engine, Beyonce topped the chart thanks to her Super Bowl performance, her world tour and her family: daughter Blue Ivy and hubby Jay-Z.  But another contributing factor was likely that lip-syncing controversy at President Obama's second-term inauguration, not to mention the fact that at one point she chopped all her hair off and posted a photo of her new pixie cut online.

Bing's top ten list for 2013 is actually chock-full of pop stars, including Rihanna at #3, Taylor Swift at #5, Madonna at #5 and Justin Bieber at #6.  Nicki Minaj was #7, likely due to her presence on American Idol.  Amazingly, Miley Cyrus only made it to #9, just above President Obama.

Last year's most searched-for person, according to Bing, was Kim Kardashian. She was #2 this year.  Among those who made the top 10 last year but fell off the chart this year: Katy Perry, Lindsay Lohan, Selena Gomez and Jennifer Aniston.