Reports say that Beyonce spends over $300,000 per month on basic living expenses. According to one of the superstar's former accountants, here are Beyonce's monthly expenses:

Manager $!!!100,000 a month!!!

Jet fuel/rental- $75,000 a month

Publicist -$10,000 a month

Bodyguard -$8,000 a month (more overseas)

Tribeca NYC apt- $30,000 a month

Makeup Artist on call $2500 a month

Live in Chef $ 7500 a month

Live in maid $ 4000 a month

Personal Accountant $7000 month

Personal asst $5000 a month

Personal Trainer: $7000 a month

Dietician: $4000 a  month

Car detailing and driver: $7000 a month

Pocket cash on hand $50,000 a month (she spent it all EVERY MONTH)

With this kind of spending it just seems like alot of money. How much would you need a month to be comfortable?