I take my dogs every where I go. There are several places that are dog-friendly in Texarkana. Here is my top-five list of dog-friendly places to go in Texarkana.

I run a dog rescue so I have plenty of dogs to take places. It helps get the rescued dogs socialized and ready to go to new homes. In these hot summer months they cannot stay in the car which means I either need to only go places that allow dogs or hit the drive-through window.

1 - Tractor Supply Company on State Line Avenue. I can shop for dog stuff, horse stuff, clothing, items for the farm and even decoration stuff.

2 - Petsmart on Richmond Road. There is always other people there with dogs so its like hanging out with friends.

3 - Lowe's on Walton Drive. Shop for plants, household or yard stuff and take your dog because they allow them.

4 - Spring Lake Park on Park Road. I take my dogs to the park and have lunch or just hang out watching the ducks on the pond. If I have the long leash I will let my dog get in the water some too.

5 -Wright Patman Lake. Max loves to swim! Dogs are welcome as long as you are not in the beach area.

Keep in mind to always use a leash when you hit the road with your dog. It is a requirement.