Barbra Streisand is know around the world for her voice and yet it's relationships with others that really matter to her.

Barbra is a truly gifted multi-talented artist who has won many prestigious awards including Glamour's Woman of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award for 2013. However, it's her music that inspires me to be my best self.

She evokes such emotion from me it's as if she were sitting on my couch in my living room having an intimate conversation with me. I believe it is this gift that makes Barbra a wonderful storyteller and role model for women around the globe.

One particularly thoughtful statement struck me when I was reading Glamour's interview with Barbra. She said "A wise man told me this the other day: 'If you diminish your partner, you diminish yourself,' " she says. "If you want to be happy, make the other person happy. Jim and I work very hard on our marriage."

Words of wisdom so simple and yet many of us don't adhere to them. Happiness comes from giving to others and not forgetting to replenish your joy in the process. Barbra gives us so many more thought provoking insights that continue to motivate us to be confident in our vision of ourselves. Maybe it is time to delve deeply within each of us to find our inner peace, just as Barbra Streisand seems to have done.