What's a smell that people think is nasty but you actually kind of like?  Something that may remind you of a different time and place. Something that may relax you. A smell that I would add is the smell of a horse. I have heard that it is actually something that comforts children with emotional disorders. When I brush my horse or just lay on her it seems to mellow me out and if I am physically feeling bad, it makes me feel better.

Check out some of the responses below.

Disgusting smells that you actually kind of love:

 1.  Gas stations or exhaust fumes.

 2.  Dry Erase markers and rubber cement.

 3.  Dogs, and their gross but comforting smell.

 4.  Your significant other's body odor.

 5.  A musty basement.

 6.  The intense chlorinated smell of a swimming pool.

 7.  The "after sex" mix of every nasty lower body odor joining together as one.

 8.  Horse and cow manure . . . if you grew up in a rural area or went to summer camp in one.

 9.  Cigarette smoke . . . especially if your grandparents or parents smoked.

 10.  Indian food.