Can a restaurant that sells bacon, be closed because of the smell of bacon?

A San Francisco bacon restaurant called 'Bacon Bacon' must shut its doors after neighbors' complaints about the smell of bacon revealed a fatal permitting issue, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

Bacon Bacon,will close its doors at the end of service Friday after its owner "failed" to negotiate with neighbors who took offense to the pork restaurant's smell.

The smell led to the revelation that the restaurant lacked "proper health permits" last summer.

The restaurant may be able to secure a permit but the first time a hearing can be held is July. So the restaurant must close.

Neighbors claimed that the "porcine aroma" was overpowering and that grease was illegally disposed of in the sewers.

Neighbors also say that they offered to buy the restaurant owner a new air filter,but he declined.

Owner Jim Angelus says he'll revive the restaurant's food truck when he can find an approved kitchen location in which to prepare meals.

via San Francisco examiner