According to a survey by a British website, most kids are fussy eaters.

Nearly 70 percent of kids who are five years old or younger sometimes refuse to eat what they're given. More than 25 percent, throw a tantrum over eating their meals at least once a day.

And more than 18 percent of toddlers throw a tantrum every single meal. Most moms say that they, quote, "feel like a bad mother" because they can't get their kids to eat ,and 40 percent of moms try to bribe their kids by offering them desserts if they eat.

At my house I have two kids a 4 year old boy and a 1 year old girl and my son is the picky eater and has to be bribed to finish his meals. On the other hand my daughter is all about the food and actually has to be cut off so that she doesn't make herself sick.