Diana Slider has been an Animal Control Officer for Texarkana, Texas, for 10 years. She is set to retire her catch pole on Friday, August 31, 2012. Diana has a big heart for animals and her service to those furry critters will be missed.

Diana and I have been on a few adventures together. I was sad to hear she was retiring.

We spent Memorial Day together in 2007 on Presley Road trapping a German Shepherd that wouldn't let anyone catch her. (See Presley photo below)

Diana and I helped load up a few of the 46 dogs that were seized from a hoarding situation in Liberty Eylau in August of 2007. (See Smith Raid photos below)

Diana called me on another occasion. She was desperate to find foster homes for a couple of dogs that the owners just could not care for any longer. I made a deal with her to take one if she would take the other. I took the severely over-weight, senior dog named Tiny. (See Tiny photo below)

We have had many dog wrangling adventures through the years. I wish I had photos from all of  them. I have learned a lot from Diana, for instance, some dogs aren't vicious, they just are not happy with their current situation. Then again, there are some dogs that are truly out to sink their teeth into you. Some how she knew the good ones from the bad ones. Diana taught me that a catch pole is just another type of a leash, when it is used properly. I'm sure she learned some of the tools of the trade by shedding a bit of blood but I never heard her complain about it.

I recently visited Diana on a stray cat call. She was so calm, cool and collected. Within minutes she had the cat in a cage and was rolling on to her next call.

I am sure Diana will be around, still volunteering for the Humane Society at dog adoption events. She is the type of person that cannot sit idle for long.

Good luck Diana!

Stray Cat Call

Presley Road Dog


Smith Dog Raid


Tiny - Not So Small


Diana Rolling Off To Her Next Adventure