Sure, it's always a good idea to wait awhile before you Meet the Parents, but 12 years?  That's how long Enrique Iglesias has been dating former tennis pro Anna Kournikova, and she still hasn't met his famous father, Julio Iglesias.

Speaking to the British paper The Daily Mirror, the senior Iglesias reveals, "You know I have to tell the truth, I have never met Anna. Yes, my wife, and my kids and his brothers have, but I have never met her, no, no, never.”

Why?  "I don’t know how come,” he adds. "My kids are very independent and it is difficult to see Enrique because he is all over the world. But Anna is very beautiful – they have good taste, my kids.”  He adds that he is "very proud" of Enrique, who he calls "a super guy."

"It’s not as easy to follow in the same steps as that of the father...But Enrique is in the same class of guys like Michael Douglas and Liza Minnelli," he adds. "The music is very different to mine and he has gone his own way, I don’t like to interfere with that. I don’t have to say whether I like it or not. He is doing very well, he is a clever guy and he is very charming.”

Enrique's new album Sex and Love is in stores now.