In the past month or so, Adele has won her first Golden Globe, her ninth Grammy and her first Oscar.  So what does the superstar singer and new mother plan to do now?  Make another album...but not for a while yet.

"I'm a [mom] at the moment, that's what I'm doing," she told Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos backstage at Sunday night's Oscars. "But I know what sound I wanna go for, and that's promising."

In the interview that appeared on Monday's edition of the ABC morning show, Adele described her future album as "a bit rawer" than her world-beating, gazillion-selling disc21, and added that the sound would be "paying homage to another kind of, style, I suppose."

Adele also admitted that she's been knocked for a loop by the pace she's been running at recently, what with attending and winning at the Golden Globes, Oscars and Grammys.  "It's been quite crazy," she said.  "When I had my baby, I kinda thought that things would take a little bit of a slowing-down period, [a] nose dive.  Then this year, it's just been as crazy as it was last year!"

Stephanopoulos noted that Adele initially felt that it was a huge risk for her to record her Oscar-winning James Bond theme "Skyfall," but pointed out that it was certainly a risk that paid off.  The singer replied, "It did pay off and it's amazing.  The world's been amazing to me over the last couple of years but...[especially] America, its creative sections have just been lovely to me."

Adele's fellow singers took to Twitter to celebrate her Oscar win Sunday night.  "Way to go @officialadele!! Super happy for you girl!....and awesome speech :)," tweeted Kelly Clarkson.  Rihanna added, "Jah Reign #Adele congrats on your first Oscar ."