Having trouble falling asleep at night? Try listening to Adele’s music.

More British people listen to Adele to catch some Z’s than to any other artist, according to a new Travelodge survey.  She actually has three songs in the survey’s top-five list of singles to which to fall asleep: “Skyfall” is number one, “Someone Like You” follows in the second spot and “Chasing Pavements” ranks fourth.

“Beneath Your Beautiful,” by Labyrinth featuring Emeli Sande, is third, and Coldplay’s “Fix You” is fifth.

Categorized by artist, the survey results show Adele is the most popular singer for sleepy Brits for the second consecutive year.  She’s followed by Emeli, Coldplay, Mozart, The Script, Snow Patrol, Michael Buble, Bruno Mars, Jessie J and Olly Murs.

Twenty-five hundred adults participated in the survey.