With all the exposure that Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine has gotten in the past year thanks to his involvement in The Voice, you probably figure he's contemplating a solo career right now.  But you'd be wrong.

Adam tells the new issue of Paper magazine, "I'm going to do everything in my power to avoid [going solo]," explaining, "Everybody does that...I'm a big fan of not doing everything the way that I'm supposed to."  He adds, "I like to spike in some weirdness, not that it's weird to stay in my band, but nobody does it anymore so it makes it more of a challenge to keep that as your rock."

He concludes, "I spent my whole life doing everything I've ever done for Maroon 5.  I love playing music with my friends."

Adam also says he understands if people are getting a tiny bit tired of seeing his face, and his body, everywhere, but that's why Maroon 5 has named their new album Overexposed to head off the inevitable backlash.

"I feel the potential of overexposure and it's a very real feeling," he explains.  "We've kind of succumbed to the fact that that's what's going on.  It's better to know about it and make light of it because I don't think we ever want the music to be overshadowed.  You can't get sick of us if we're already sick of ourselves."

Overexposed will hit stores June 26.