Now that Adam Levine is People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, he's bracing himself for all the ribbing he's going to get from his male friends. Adam says he's going to get it the worst from the guys who are closest to him: his band mates in  Maroon 5.

"The band's gonna roast me pretty hard for this one," he says. "And also] Blake Shelton. I'll be murderized by Blake Shelton for sure." But Adam isn't stressing about it. "I can take it obviously, so bring it on, boys. It's all good!" he says.

As for what went through the singer's head when he got the call telling him he'd gotten the Sexiest Man Alive honor, Adam says, "Confusion," and adds, jokingly, "Actually, it was more like 'Finally!' ...I dunno," he laughs. "I was just amazed and almost kinda seemed like they were kidding."

Of course, being the Sexiest Man Alive doesn't mean that you're perfect, as Adam himself admits.  Turns out his fiancee, Behati Prinsloo, had better prepare herself for a life of picking up his dirty socks.

"I'm exceedingly messy," Adam reveals. "I'm not dirty. There's a difference between dirty and messy. Dirty implies that you don't take care of yourself, hygenically speaking, whereas my problem is more messiness, sloppiness. I'll leave things everywhere. It's just a disaster. It's not a very flattering thing but it's part of who I am."

Adam is the first musician ever to get the Sexiest Man title, but this year's Sexiest Men issue of People, on stands Friday, features plenty of other music men.  Adam's fellow The Voice coach Blake Shelton is in there, in the "Sweet & Sexy" category, along with Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, rapper Pitbull and singer/producer Pharrell Williams.  Justin is also included in the Men of the Year category, as is Robin Thicke.  Ed Sheeran's even in there, in a feature called, "My Struggle to Be Sexy."