Valentine’s Day is tricky. It’s not A trick, but it is tricky. Do you buy a gift, or don’t you? If you do, will it be taken the wrong way? If you don’t, will they be offended or hurt? I think that a lot of that depends on the status of your relationship. This is our attempt to try and help both the ladies and the gentlemen. Pick out the gift that won't offend or cause future repercussions such as THE DOGHOUSE, SLEEPING ON THE COUCH, GOING TO MOTHERS, or the worst case...SPLITSVILLE. (Gasp!) We don't think that last one will happen, but if it does, we plead the fifth.   Generally speaking there are a few things that should never be given, NO MATTER WHAT.

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    5. Anything that you know you like more than him/her

    Guys, don’t buy your girlfriend an HDTV if you’re the one who is going to be watching it. And ladies don’t buy him a Snuggie or those Lazy Pajamas because he WILL NOT wear them, at least in public.

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    4. A House Utility.

    I don’t care if he’s been talking about a new lawn mower all year, or if she complains about the vacuum cleaner every day of the week, unless it’s a couch that mows the grass or a hired maid service that vacuums the floors, DON’T DO IT. Cleaning and Cooking is a definite no-no!

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    3. A Box of Chocolates.

    Unless your name is Forrest Gump, you might as well just say, “I didn’t really put any thought into you this year honey. Love you!”

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    2. Any High Ticket Items. Like The Hope Diamond Or Diamonds In General

    That is just completely Silly. Say I love you for real, instead of with your paycheck for the next 3 years. Worst case scenario, if you do buy a diamond, you won't be able to afford to propose, get married or for that matter, pay attention to them for years to come.

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    1. Exercise Equipment

    This one I think needs no explanation. Because no matter how you sugar coat it, You are basically saying your significant other is FAT, or at least that's how they will take it.

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